Yahoo!7 Social TV Survey results

Yahoo!7 Social TV Survey results


A Yahoo!7 Social TV Survey polled “thousands of online Australians” in November / December, with almost half connecting with their social circles whilst watching television. 

Reality TV remains the most talked about topic of those surveyed.

The survey concluded:

 43% of people surveyed use social media while watching TV

 42% of people surveyed watch a TV show because of a recommendation from a friend via social media (up 16% from 2011)

 Almost a third (38%) of people surveyed have been made aware of a show because of something they saw on social media (up 12% from 2011)

 10% of people surveyed watch TV on a tablet (doubling from 5% in 2011)


Seven’s FANGO is now at 700,000 downloads, up from 500,000 last August.

When compared to last year’s results, reality TV continues to deliver the most talked about programmes through social media. The highest ranking was ratings topper The X-Factor on Seven, with 39% of respondents posting about the TV show on social media.

“Last year’s survey found that Australians have a genuine appetite for the idea of Social TV and connecting with likeminded fans around the shows they love. This year, the survey results highlighted social media’s increasing influence on how Australians discover new TV shows”, said Kristin Carlos, Head of TV, Yahoo!7.

The results also reveal that appointment-based TV remains the viewing option of choice (72% prefer to watch TV shows live as they are airing). While viewers still prefer to watch via the traditional television set, the tablet is emerging as the mobile device of choice for TV program viewing with the number of respondents watching TV programs on a tablet doubling to 10% (up  from 5% in 2011

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