My Kitchen Rules Loses 1 team but gains 3

My Kitchen Rules Loses 1 team but gains 3

There is nothing like a  good twist on My Kitchen Rules, We lost the token Reality Show villains and gained a new batch of them

It’s farewell to WA mother and daughter duo Lisa and Candice and hello to three new teams.

WA mother and daughter Lisa and Candice were eliminated by the smallest of margins – just one point behind Queensland’s Dan and Steph – with 57 points for their instant restaurant.

“We’re really disappointed that we didn’t give it a good go when we had the chance,” says Lisa.

Adds Candice: “Our experience on My Kitchen Rules has been a real adventure and I honestly couldn’t have done it with anyone better than my mum.”

Teams were shocked to learn tonight that the gatecrashers will enter the competition for a third round of instant restaurants against the three lowest-scoring original teams.

The new teams in the competition are:
NSW’s Ashlee and Sophia
WA’s Kieran and Nastassia
Victoria’s Angela and Melina

They will battle it out against the three lowest-scoring teams from the previous instant restaurants rounds, meaning Ali and Samuel, Dan and Steph and Lisa and Stefano will need to devise a new menu to impress the judges and their competitors.

My Kitchen Rules airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on Seven.

Source 7 and thanks to Courtney for helping me out again with the press release appreciate it


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