The Good Wife returns to Ten Tomorrow

The Good Wife returns to Ten Tomorrow

One of Americas most critically acclaimed shows returns to Australian screens with legal cases galore

The Good Wife resumes from episode 10 of Season 4 entitled Battle Of The Proxies it aired in the Us in December.

When Nick threatens Alicia, who has learned that his tow truck business was just a ruse to run drugs, Kalinda goes to find out for herself. Now Kalinda does not do subtle. Do you think she tippy toed into his business to spy on him? Oh no, she smashes a car into his co-worker to find if the claim of drug running is true. Then she decides to face the very dangerous Nick, alone and at night.


Will is defending a man accused of murdering a woman at a local music festival. Since the murder took place in one county and the body was discovered in another, there are two men on trial for the same crime at the same time in both counties


The Good Wife airs Wednesday 9:30 PM on Ten


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