Work From Home Week continues to test

It’s another cold, wet and windy day as our contestants struggle to work out how to complete their work from home spaces in their Stratco sheds.

Jenny is trying to be positive, but she just doesn’t know how to complete the space with the budget they have.

Keith and Dan are doing their annual defect checks across the five houses, and there are a lot of defects.

Omar and Oz are falling behind because their shed isn’t finished. They are disappointed, as they feel there is favouritism towards House 1 who are getting a mezzanine while their shed isn’t even finished.

Tom and Sarah-Jane have been increasingly at loggerheads the past couple of weeks. Sarah-Jane feels Tom doesn’t listen to her and is rude. He just said she should find a new husband and had no sympathy.

Sharon’s mood appears to have lifted, since Scotty and Jo from Finance took over her and Ankur’s budget. She is all smiles on a shopping trip.

Rachel and Sarah-Jane have a good gossip about how their husbands are annoying them, they have had enough.

A challenge is called, our Blockheads are going to the Lancemore Hotel in the Macedon Ranges and are told to pack an overnight bag.

When they arrive they are greeted by Scotty and Shelley and celebrity chef Matt Moran. They think it’s a cooking challenge, but to their very pleasant surprise, Scott calls all their families in.

Parents Rachel and Ryan, Tom and Sarah-Jane and Omar and Oz are delighted to see their kids after being away for so long.

Rachel and Ryan take out the challenge win!


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