Drama Under The Tuscan Sun

Tonight, The Real Love Boat docked in Livorno, Italy – the gateway to Tuscany.

Three couples were treated to spectacular destination dates. Naomi and Dan took off for a romantic drive through the Tuscan countryside, Chelsea and Josh got down and dirty during a truffle hunting expedition while Paddy and Tyler perused Livorno’s Mercato Centrale before a jaw-dropping meal at a Michelin star restaurant.

Back on deck, our singles partook in some good old-fashioned ship activities. Moana, Harley and Dalton showed off their smooth moves in a tango lesson, whilst Sally, Jay, Chris, Katie and Jesse exercised their culinary skills in a pizza making class.

During the cooking class, Katie opened up about the lack of attention Chris was giving her, admitting that she wasn’t certain on whether she would pair up with him at the next elimination. Chris was left flustered and the group weighed in, with Jay confirming that Chris does fancy Katie.

But a bombshell is dropped at the cocktail party that afternoon when Chris approaches Moana and asks if she’d ever consider partnering up with him, admitting he’d like to keep his options open and believed they could have a spark. Moana quickly pulled Katie aside for a chat, and filled her in on Chris’ actions. Realising that his conversation with Moana was becoming public knowledge, Chris made it his mission to find Katie and clarify his actions ahead of the recoupling, admitting that she deserved better.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is left in tears as Dalton pulls her aside to discuss the love square that has formed between themselves, Josh and Jesse. Naomi and Tyler dove in to encourage Chelsea to think with her head instead of her heart, insisting that Dalton is not all that he seems.


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