Another Faithful Bites The Dust.

Another Faithful Bites The Dust.

It was another night of betrayal, predictions and murder on The Traitors.

As the Faithful arrived for breakfast, they became increasingly frustrated with their lack of success in finding a Traitor. With nothing else to go on, they latched onto Chloe’s dramatic prediction from the night before, where she claimed that Kashindi, Marielle, Angus and Teresa were the Traitors.

Host, Rodger Corser then joined the room, which surprised everyone as there were still two empty seats. The room then learnt that not only did Chloe leave the game, but a fellow Faithful, Ethan, was murdered.

This news left the Faithful once again, totally mystified by the Traitors motivations, feeling they had nothing but Chloe’s prediction to go on – which was made all the more mysterious by her disappearance.

The players then headed out for the Challenge, which involved them running in pairs across a grassy field, dodging paintballs to claim a silver bar. All players wanted to win, but none more so than Angus and Marielle, who were covered in suspicions and needed to prove their value amongst the group. Angus was shot at the last minute and failed, but on her run with Fi, Marielle pulled off a spectacular performance, winning a silver bar which helped her feel a little bit safer.

Back at the manor, red flags and calculated responses filled the room, with the Traitors casting doubt on other people to draw attention away from themselves. This then led into the Banishment Ceremony, where passionate exchanges caused confusion and chaos.

In the vote, Marielle showed her hand and voted Angus, which sent shockwaves through the Traitors. However, the majority vote went to Kashindi, another Faithful to be incorrectly targeted. When she revealed that she was in fact, not a Traitor, disbelief washed over the room, followed by a feeling of unease knowing one of their own will again be in danger.


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