Block Budgets lead to Body Corporate

This week our Blockheads must completely build their work from home spaces in their new Stratco sheds. The problem is some of the sheds haven’t even been constructed yet.

The Blockheads band together and complain it’s  nearly impossible to complete the task with a budget of $25,000.

At the Domain Open For Inspections, it all kicks off between the contestants. The drama is all about budget and money. Rachel and Jenny just can’t understand how Ankur and Sharon could afford their huge mirror in their living and dining spaces, when they should have been cut off.

Jenny flat out asks Omar and Oz how they are affording what they are doing, when every week House 4 struggle. It leads to a tense situation between the Blockheads. Some believe they are playing by the rules, while others manipulate the budget to their advantage.

Sharon gets upset at all the Blockheads for questioning her about budget and feels like she is being kicked when she is down.

As far as the build is concerned, Tom and Sarah-Jane are well ahead when it comes to their shed and work from space. They plan to put a mezzanine in their work from home space which will give them more value come auction time.

A body corporate is called by Omar and Oz, and the Blockheads confront the main builders of The Block, and Keith and Dan about their budget woes. Despite the Blockheads concerns, Keith and Dan and the builders are adamant they can finish the space with the $25,000 budget allocated.

At the Winners and Grinners dinner, The Blockheads are given an art challenge, they must produce something special on a canvas with the results announced at Friday drinks.


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