Who should win the Gold Logie?

Who should win the Gold Logie?

So, over the last few days we have looked at their histories, but who should take home the Gold Logie for 2013? The answer will lie within the craziness of this post so let’s go.

There have been many Gold Logie winners such as from legends Bert Newton, Don Lane and Graham Kennedy to the Golden Girls of Australian drama Lisa McCune, Georgie Parker and Kate Ritchie.

This year’s batch of nominations has a good mix of personalities from comedians, newsreaders and a very new talent. So let’s dissect them all.

Steve Peacocke burst on to our television screen in 2011 and his talent shines, however through the weeks his character was just getting more and more screen time and I switched off peremently in 2012. I guess my issue is his character just seems to go around in circles and the storylines turned Home and Away into Underbelly full of drugs and violence. So no, he shouldn’t win because of this. He seems to be there to distract the audience with his body. The only time I was impressed with his talent was when his character was contemplating turning off the life support of Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson). It was gripping stuff but one storyline can’t award you the Gold Logie or can it?

I loved Hamish and Andy when they were on Rove, however since their move to Nine and doing Gap Year, I haven’t paid much attention to them. The show would have been better suited if the live audience was cut and we just saw the pre-recorded segments. Their humour is the same though. It’s humour that works off the cuff and unscripted. I don’t know how they can be so boringly predictable. Oh, that’s right, because scripted things like ghosting are cool, but it was all done throughout the caravan specials! It gets boring after a while! Sorry boys, the Logie is not yours this year. In their favour though is the high amount of fans, but even they are at a disadvantage as for which one to vote for.

I love Carrie Bickmore;.  The fact that on screen she comes across as a charming warm hearted person while having the ability to laugh at herself when she stuffs up (who could forget the Qantas slip up or falling over live on air) is heartwarming. She took it all in her stride and it was funny because it was purely by accident are some of the reasons why she should win . The negatives in Carrie’s case may be that she is only on The Project and that doesn’t have as many viewers as Home and Away or the radio audience of Hamish and Andy.

Adam Hills has been one of my favourite comedians for a while now. After tuning in to an episode of Gordon Street Tonight to see an interview I was surprised at just how good it was. He was charming and funny without being rude to his guests. I loved it. He reminds me of an old-school Rove without the annoying sidekicks like Dave Hughes and Peter Helliar. His co-hosts actually contribute to the conversation without side tracking it. In Adam’s favour this year is the fact that there is no race for Gold, something which restricted him from gaining extra votes due to the ABC having a charter.

Asher Keddie, what can I say, except for thankyou John Edwards for making Offspring. The character of Nina Proudman is fresh and engaging. Who could forget the emotionally charged storyline where Nina found out she wasn’t a Proudman? Or the on again off again relationship drama with Dr. Patrick? It was all played beautifully. There was never a weak moment from Asher. There are a few disadvantages though. Mainly being that the show wrapped in July. But fans clearly haven’t forgotten it.

So weighing that all up it’s kind of hard to pick a winner but this year everyone has an equal chance at winning. Who will it be? Find out tonight! As for who I want to win, that won’t be revealed here. I may spill it on the live blog though…





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