Eleven strips Excused across a weeknight time slot

Eleven strips Excused across a weeknight time slot

UK Daiting show Excused is about to return for its second season tomorrow night  on Eleven.

Headed up by comedian Iliza Shlesinger, the bold and the beautiful are put through their paces in the aim of finding true love…or at least a hot date

Heres a look at whats in store this week.

Monday 8 April

BARBIE AND THE BEASTSSeries 2, Episode 1

On the hunt for love this eposide are Jacob, a graphic designer from Texas, and Lenny, a trainer from The Bronx. Lenny says he’s looking for an “innocent girl to watch me kick ass”. Good luck with that one ladies. 

Tuesday 9 April


Series 2, Episode 2

The ladies looking for love this time around are Samantha, a straight shooting go-go dancer who is after a man who can handle her, and Sarah, a sweet girl who is looking for a well-rounded guy “who wears a nice watch”. Aim high Sarah, aim high.

Wednesday 10 April


Series 2, Episode 3

Yolanda and Jenny might be regretting their trip to Excused. Their first bachelor compares himself to Brett Michaels and another tries to woo them with a flash of his biceps. Oh dear.

Thursday 11 April

Series 2, Episode 4 

Vincent is a humble Italian American looking for a girl to “go global” with him. That’s travel with him to you and I. His fellow competitor R.T. is on the look out for an intelligent woman, but “big breasts are nice” as well. Naturally.

Friday 12 April
Series 2, Episode 5 
Bachelorettes Keva and Danielle seem fairly normal, but then they let a man in who sings to them about taking off his shirt.

Excused airs 6PM weeknights on eleven


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