Waterproof Wednesday Arrives in Master Ensuite Week

Waterproof Wednesday Arrives in Master Ensuite Week

It’s five days until master ensuite reveal and it’s all about waterproof Wednesday on The Block.

Omar and Oz in House No.5 are off to a flying start and have a lot to prove after winning the bathroom in week one on The Block.

Ankur and Sharon in House No.3 are doing something retro this week, putting in a spa bath in their bathroom.

Foreman Keith is finding it very busy on The Block with so many inspections and much more distance to cover compared to other years, considering the contestants are building on 10 acres of land.

Rachel and Ryan have been criticised two weeks in a row by the judges for not having enough country style in their rooms, but they are sticking to their guns.

Ankur and Sharon have signed up exclusive agency Sotheby’s to sell their house.

The inspections by Keith go down to the wire, with Tom and Sarah-Jane getting all clear to waterproof at 6.01pm.

Postie Keith reveals it’s … challenge day.

Our contestants must make a bespoke letterbox out of bric a bac in Castlemaine, about 45 minutes away from The Block. The challenge is sponsored by Colorbond, and each letterbox has a Colorbond roof.

Some contestants embrace the challenge better than others. Ankur and Sharon struggle as they have no practical building experience.

At 4pm our contestants must finish and drive back to Gisborne South for judging. It gets to the pointy end of the challenge and Ankur and Sharon realise they won’t finish. They decide not to go to judging as they want to finish the letterbox properly, as it must be displayed on their property.

Shaynna Blaze is the guest judge and for her there is a clear winner. Tom and Sarah-Jane take it out and win a great price of $10,000. Shaynna notices there is one couple missing, Ankur and Sharon.  Omar and Oz are not happy with the result, they thought they should have won.

Tom and Sarah-Jane also win a night away from The Block in the Colorbond Tiny Escape house, and they love it. 


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