Matt and KT’s native menu keeps them in the game

Matt and KT’s native menu keeps them in the game

Tonight on MKR, Matt and KT curated an incredible indigenous-inspired menu designed to showcase Matt’s heritage as a proud Yamaji man, but the pressure to do his family proud saw Matt and KT stumble with their execution. 

While the stress of the kitchen showed on their plates, the team impressed the judges enough to avoid the bottom of the leaderboard, with a score of 66/110. 

A nervous Matt and KT served their entrée of Buttermilk Fried Crocodile with Aniseed Myrtle Slaw. Matt’s “croc corn” was a hit around the table, but the other elements of the dish failed in comparison. 

“The coleslaw is missing seasoning and acidity. I would have put the finger lime into that. You put in coriander and parsley which kills the flavour of what you want to showcase,” said Manu. 

“You should have used fresh aniseed myrtle, julienned it, and thrown it on there. Dry just doesn’t give you the vibrancy,” commented Matt, even though he was in awe of the crocodile popcorn: “I loved, loved, loved the popcorn crocodile. I want a bucket of it to keep on popping because it’s great.”

Matt was visibly rocked, continuing: “Your croc corn could be a massive hit. It’s such a great idea and it’s an innovative way of thinking. I loved it. And that’s the part of the dish I will remember when I’ve forgotten the lack of seasoning.”

KT was crying as the team returned to serve their main of Kangaroo Loin with Parsnip, Saltbush Puree, and Pepperberry Jus. The pressure of the cook was taking its toll. 

Manu said the dish was a winner: “That looked gorgeous. That was a well-plated main course. The jus, maybe a bit thin, but delicious. The kangaroo was cooked perfectly, and the puree was silky smooth. The only problem, the biggest problem, is the seasoning.”

Matt said their main was well-executed and far superior to their entrée: “For me, that’s how I like my kangaroo. Juicy, succulent and there’s a little collar of heat-kissed exterior that’s got a little chew to it and in the middle, you slide through it. It’s carpaccio style. The kangaroo was a real hit on this dish.”

Dishevelled from a whirlwind cook, Matt and KT served their dessert of Kakadu Plum Ice Cream with Bush Tucker Brittle. They failed to make enough Kakadu jam to fold into the ice cream and had to serve the jam on top of their vanilla ice cream. 

“I was just disappointed because you promised us Kakadu Plum Ice Cream as the headline act, the superstar. If you get the two separated, I think you lose a large part of what the dish is,” lamented Matt. 

Manu had high hopes for dessert but was disappointed, telling the team they needed to focus on home cooking if they had another chance to cook again in the competition. 


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