Master Ensuite Bathroom week begins on The Block

Master Ensuite Bathroom week begins on The Block

After a rough start on The Block, Ankur and Sharon are in good spirits after winning guest bedroom week, even though they used a gnome.

Dylan and Jenny are a little devastated to miss out on the win, after Ankur and Sharon played the gnome which relegated them to second place.

At the Domain Open For Inspections Tom and Sarah-Jane, Rachel and Ryan and Dylan and Jenny don’t think Ankur and Sharon deserved the win after they inspected their room. They are shocked and make it clear they don’t agree with how high the judges scored the married couple from Melbourne.

It’s bathroom week again on The Block, with our Blockheads having a budget of $22,000 from Suncorp to build a master ensuite bathroom.

Tom and Sarah-Jane argue about the layout of their bathroom. It’s becoming a common thing on The Block, Tom and Sarah-Jane arguing.

Omar and Oz have completed Ramadan, a first for any contestant on The Block. They are delighted by their first coffee from The Block’s McCafe.

All of our contestants head to Beaumont Tiles to choose tiles for the week. Sharon has a little PSTD after making the wrong choices for House No.3 the first week.

Oz has come down with a bug and is sick in bed, so Omar is taking the reins at House No.5.

At House No.4, our tradie lady Jenny gets on the tools as they try to put the disappointment of not taking out the win last week behind them.

Ankur and Sharon host the Winners and Grinners dinner at Scotty’s house and there is a special guest.  Alice Stolz from Domain is over for dinner, and she reveals there is a Domain Leader Board again this year on The Block. The winner at the end of the series will get to choose the auction order.

Scotty lets the contestants walk through the first part of his house that he has built and renovated. Some like the very Australian style, some don’t.


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