Volcano unmasked as n The Masked Singer erupts

Volcano unmasked as n The Masked Singer erupts

Volcano was the first celebrity performer unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia

Hollywood heavyweight Vinnie Jones was the firey persona revealed.

Disguised beneath an incredible volcanic veil, the lava-ble English-Welsh actor, presenter and former professional footballer exposed his hidden talent for singing, but it wasn’t enough to save his spot on the show.

Despite an explosive performance, Vinnie’s take on The Proclaimers 80’s hit I’m Gonna Be didn’t quite measure up to the magma-tude of Vampire’s rendition of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise. 

Guessing panel Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson were unable to detect Vinnie as the Volcano and instead nominated Sacha Baron Cohen, Christian Bale, Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mundine as it’s possible identity.

When Vinnie finally removed his mask, it is safe to say our hosts and panellists were blown away.

Jackie O said: “This is amazing. We never even thought for a second it was you”.

Dave Hughes said: “I was torn between acting and sport because I didn’t think you were a professional singer.”

With performances to analyse and fresh clues up on the board, are you any closer to guessing who’s behind Vampire, Mullet, Pavlova, Dolly and Professor?


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