The Block begins Guest Bedroom week

It’s Guest Bedroom and Re Do room week on The Block and it’s a bit tense on Bronte Court on Monday morning.

Josh and Luke are feeling the pain after Ronnie and Georgia used their bonus gnome to beat them by half a point. If the gnome wasn’t used their amazing indoor/outdoor bathroom would have won.

Mitch and Mark are also furious at the judges again after they slammed their bathroom for major planning issues.  Mark said the shower screen which was a bone of contention with the judges was actually very safe and sophisticated.  Mitch and Mark feel they are being unfairly targeted by the judges.

At the Domain Open for inspections everyone agrees with one thing – Tanya and Vito’s brown tiles are awful.

Building wise, it will be a very busy week for Kirsty and Jesse in House No.5.  Because they have the biggest house they have to complete five rooms this week, including a kid’s bedroom they will present to the judges.

Scotty comes on site and tells the Blockheads because of the cheating scandal, there is a chance Kinsman won’t be able to deliver complete wardrobes this week.

Vito has another meltdown. He is very stressed and think he is being unfairly filmed by cameraman who are driving him mad. He is reminded however, that The Block is a reality show and this is what happens. He gets very heated. He acknowledges later that he must start to handle himself better and he apologises to the crew. Tanya is trying her hardest to get him through it.

Josh and Luke’s building site and house is such a mess with rubbish everywhere, Keith is disgusted. It turns out the twins’ mother is as well, as Keith calls her to fill her in.

Ronnie and Georgia leave The Block for their winners getaway, heading to Ballarat for the night. They return and host the Winners and Grinners dinner including some mock sumo wrestling which none of the other Blockheads want to take part in.


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