Back To The Rafters Review

Back To The Rafters Review

It’s one of Australia’s most-loved drama series, but was reviving Back To The Rafters and stepping back into the lives of the Rafter family a masterstroke?

When Packed To the Rafters ended in 2013, Julie (Rebecca Gibney), Dave (Eirk Thomson) and youngest daughter Ruby (Willow Speers), took off around Australia, and things were left on a happy note.

Flash forward to six years later in Back To The Rafters and Julie, Dave and Ruby have created a new life the country town of Buradeena. Dave’s new easy lifestyle is cemented with his friendship with young employee Paddo (Aaron L. McGrath), who shares his love of motorcross racing. Meanwhile Ruby is growing into a headstrong individual concerned about the environment, and Julie is enjoying working with Tessa (Libby Tanner).

For Dave and Julie’s 35th wedding anniversary, the trio head back to Sydney for the celebrations with the rest of the Rafter children. Here we get a glimpse as to what the rest of the clan have been up to since the original series – Ben (Hugh Sheridan) is happily married to Cassie (HaiHa Le) and are hoping to start a family; Nathan (Angus McLaren) is trying to do it all as a single dad to Edward (Kaspar Frost); Rachel (now played by Georgina Haig) is living a secret life in New York; while Ted (Michael Caton) struggles to find his place in the world.

Featuring the show’s original cast, excluding Jessica Marias who pulled out for personal reasons, the cast are just as captivating as they were eight years ago, and the chemistry we loved is still intact.

Penned by creator Bevan Lee, this new chapter for the Rafter family is full of all the usual Rafter antics and heart we know and love, so fans won’t be disappointed.

It’s time to welcome back one of Australia’s favourite families – let’s hope it’s not just a quick visit.

5 Stars

Back To The Rafters premiers Friday on Amazon.


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