Upright Season 2 Review

<strong>Upright Season 2 Review</strong>

It was the surprise hit of 2019, but can Upright deliver again for season 2?

The first season of Upright told the story of Lucky (Tim Minchin) who set out from Sydney to journey home with nothing but an upright piano. But his plans soon turned upside down when he met the rogue and feisty teenager Meg (Milly Alcock, House Of The Dragon).

The second season picks up three years after Lucky and Meg’s grand adventure across the desert. Now a successful musician, Lucky’s touring with his band and has moved in with his silver-screen sweetheart Avery Mae (Jessica McNamee). However, his world is once again turned upside by Meg when she knocks on his door. Now seventeen and sporting an attitude to match, she all but orders Lucky to take her to Queensland to find her mum Linda (Hayley McElhinney).

So begins another road trip in which Meg is grappling with new complications in her life and Lucky is hiding something from his own sordid Queensland past.

Season 2 consists of eight half-hour episodes, written Minchin, Niki Aken, Ian Meadows, and Natesha Somasundaram which delve deep into our lovable misfits.  

Minchin and Alcock still have the spark that we loved in season one, and along the way they are joined by Noni Hazlehurst and Travis Cotton, who plays Duncun, a blast from Lucky’s past.

Delightful and just as good as the first season.

5 Stars.

The second season of Upright is now streaming on Binge and Foxtel on Demand.


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