Poker Face Review

Poker Face Review

Last week, Stan unveiled its newest original film in the form of Poker Face.

Poker Face opens with a flashback to a group of friends enjoying their youth over an innocent game of poker. We then return to present day and meet Jake Foley (Russell Crowe), a man who’s made his living by gambling and tech, and is now billionaire.

When Jake is delivered a medical prognosis, he gathers his best friends for a night of high-stakes poker to tie up some loose ends. It’s here that we meet successful author Alex (Aden Young), government official Paul (Steve Bastoni), addict Mike (Liam Hemsworth), and eventually Jake’s business partner Drew (RZA), and each of them is hiding a secret.

By the end of the nights, lives will be altered and the true cost of playing will be revealed.

The script, written by Russell Crowe himself, holds its cards closed to its chest, with a lot of plots filling the 90-minute runtime. While most of it works, the ending does feel a little rushed.

The talent involved all give decent performances, and it’s nice to see Brooke Satchwell as Jake’s wife Nicole and Daniel MacPherson as Jake’s lawyer Sam also filling out the cast.

Poker Face is a perfect choice for your next movie night.

3.5 Stars

Poker Face is now streaming on Stan.


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