Snackmasters Returns to Nine in December

Snackmasters Returns to Nine in December

The top chefs in the land are back for television’s tastiest challenge when Snackmasters resumes with a brand-new knockout competition, Sunday, December 4, at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Snackmasters sweetened up our TV screens in 2021, uncovering the secrets in the recipes of some of our most famous snacks, including the mysterious ingredients of the Cheese Twistie, and this year it returns bigger and better with a competition full of more tasty surprises.

Over three huge weeks, Season 2 tests the limits of eight of Australia’s best and most fiercely competitive chefs as they go head-to-head in a new knockout cooking competition to see who can crack the snack and win the title of Ultimate Snackmaster.

Join hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow as each episode of Snackmasters sees two elite chefs in a battle to make perfect replicas of one of the nation’s best-loved snacks, while inveterate snack lover Yvie Jones gains access to the production lines for these delicious treats, giving viewers a sneak peek inside the factories where the snacks are made.

From the classic Arnott’s Tim Tam that’s adorned kitchen cupboards since 1963 and the hugely popular Aussie Four’N Twenty classic meat pie to a Domino’s Pepperoni, the nation’s most popular pizza, our culinary maestros will have nothing but limitless supplies of these products and their own taste buds as they try to crack the secrets of the snack.

Over the course of three days we follow each chef as they go through a process of trial and error to replicate the exact taste, look and texture, discovering that it’s far more complicated than they thought, before bringing everything they’ve learnt to a dramatic face-to-face kitchen cook-off where they’ll try to replicate the snack under extreme time pressure.

In this knockout competition we start with eight highly skilled chefs. The four winners from each heat advance to an action-packed semi-final where two more chefs are knocked out, leaving the last two to battle for the honour of Ultimate Snackmaster champion. 



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