Two OG Islanders depart the Villa

Mitch and Phoebe had a beautiful night in the hideaway. They are both falling for each other and admit they haven’t felt like this for a long time.

There are some other great romances building in the villa. Maddy and Tak, who share a passionate kiss, and somewhat surprisingly, Conor and Holly. Stella and Jordan are finally moving past the friend zone and also share a kiss. 

A challenge is called, it’s the Catty Walk challenge. Our Islanders have to model and say a one line zinger to roast their fellow Islanders. 

Callum in particular is taking the modelling part very seriously. There are some fun and catty one liners, which gets all the Islanders thinking. 

There are so many strong couples in the villa but that is all about to change, as Layla gets a text for all Islanders to head to the fire pit.

Sophie Monk arrives and lets them know two Islanders will be dumped tonight. 

The Superfans have chosen who is most likely to be girlfriend and boyfriend. The top two couples are Austen and Claudia, and Jordan and Stella. 

The bottom two are Tak and Maddy, and Conor and Holly. Sophie reveals that the two top couples must choose who goes. Austen and Jordan choose the girl Islander to go, and Claudia and Stella choose the boy Islander to go. They deliberate for five minutes and come to a decision. 

The girls choose Conor to be dumped, while the boys choose Holly. 

There are lots of tears especially with the girls, as they see OG Islander Holly leave.


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