Smooches And Suck Ups

Tonight’s mixed bag of drama, saw Challengers “truck it” in the challenge and a pair make-up and break-up, before Jack and Audrey packed their suitcases and said adiós.

Lust-filled romances move pretty fast in Argentina and if you don’t stop and look around every once and a while, you might just miss them. The latest smooching sweethearts were Jessica and Johnny who had the entire Challenge house chatting up a storm. After Johnny made it clear he wasn’t on The Challenge Australia to find love (there’s a show for that, though), Jessica was left to self-reflect on the trials and tribulations of her love life.

After surviving the first elimination of the season, the Challengers were nervous to find their next task Truck It, required them to move across the side of a semi-truck that was speeding down an airstrip. Various teams rose to the occasion with Ciarran and Megan, Troy and Jessica, and Grant and Sugar, all successfully completing the challenge. Only one team could win though, and Troy’s ninja-speed paired with Jessica’s precision, ultimately couldn’t be beaten. Coming in last was slow and steady Jack and Audrey, leading Jack to his second elimination challenge.

When it came time to choose another pair to face-off against Jack and Audrey, it was Troy and Jessica who had all the power. Those quick to cotton on to the social strategy of the game, were taking the time to buddy up to Troy and Jessica and plead their case as to why they shouldn’t be sent to elimination. Some Challengers took a different path entirely though, with Olympic gold medallist Emily, not seeing the point in “sucking up”. Despite her partner David’s best efforts in starting some character-damaging rumours against fellow contestants, it was Emily’s ego that landed them in elimination.

The elimination challenge In Your Face, saw Jack, Audrey, Emily and David test their hand-eye-coordination as they hurled balls at targets, while defending their own. It was truly neck-and-neck, but ultimately the Olympian hit her final target, leaving Jack and Audrey to say their goodbyes.


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