Buenas Noches Amigos!

Tonight, twenty-two of Australia’s biggest names across the entertainment, sports and reality worlds descended on Buenos Aires, Argentina, to begin the fight for the title of Challenge Champion. Unfortunately for pro-boxer Billy Dib, and influencer and actress Suzan Mutesi, they were eliminated and on the first flight back to Australia.  

While bed-claiming created cut-throat drama for Cyclone Cyrell, this wasn’t the first official challenge of the season.

Speaking of, the Collect Four challenge had our Challengers choose their partners and compete in a high intensity-version of the classic game. The challenge saw pairs run around an Argentinean soccer stadium to collect tokens that could be used on their playing boards, with the first team to get ‘four in a row’, taking out the win. The task saw Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher come out on top, with remaining teams unanimously identifying an under-the-weather Cyrell and partner Jack, as easy targets to send to elimination.

Billy and Suzan were chosen to join Jack and Cyrell at the Knot So Fast elimination challenge, which saw a tangled rope task ultimately bring Billy and Suzan undone after not being able to unravel their competition’s knotted mess.

Back at the house, a steamy shower session between Ciarran and Audrey, had Ciarran staring down the barrel of the camera, regretfully apologising to his partner back home.

Just as our Challengers started getting comfortable and alliances started to form, an algorithm was introduced as a tool to randomly pair contestants as teammates, ahead of each new challenge: a twist that will threaten loyalties and dismantle strategies.

Tune in 7.30pm tomorrow night as Challengers hang off semi-trucks while speeding down an airstrip at the “Truck It” challenge and a budding romance quickly turns sour, while a sneaky Challenger starts spreading rumours.

With $100,000 prize money up for grabs, one thing’s for sure. These Challengers will do anything to come up on top.  


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