A Traitor Wins The Traitors

A Traitor Wins The Traitors

She came as a Faithful. She killed as a Traitor. She conquered the game. Alex Duggan from South Australia has won the first Australian series of The Traitors. Through her Logie Award-winning tears, here is how she strategically manipulated her way to $250,000…

In an all or nothing challenge, the final four players – the Faithfuls Craig and Lewis, and the Traitors Kate and Alex – abseiled down a terrifying waterfall to claim the silver bars, bringing the total prize pot to $250,000.

During the hustle, Alex had her sights set on Kate. Of the two Faithful left, she decided to work with Craig, and after much persuasion, Craig was on board. Meanwhile, Kate had her sights set on Alex. For Faithful Lewis, he believed Kate was the only person he could trust. His number one suspect was Alex which was perfect for Kate’s game. Kate’s plans became derailed when Craig told Alex and Kate that Lewis was gunning for Alex.

In the final Banishment Ceremony, the votes piled on Lewis, who revealed he was indeed a Faithful. Yes, Craig, you sweet, sweet man, the girls have been playing you.

Then it was time for the Traitor showdown we’d been waiting for, with both Alex and Kate pleading their case with Craig to take them to the end game.

In the end game, Alex, Kate and Craig had to decide whether to share the winnings or go to a final vote to banish who they thought was the Traitor. Unanimously choosing to vote, Alex’s crocodile tears worked overtime on Craig, which led to Traitor Kate being banished.

Craig was thrilled thinking he had nabbed himself the last Traitor, but when Alex revealed to him that she was actually a Traitor, Australia saw Craig’s heart break. He was duped, and Alex was $250,000 richer. Don’t hate the player, love the game!


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