Al Makes Lemonade on Love Island

Al has arrived and admits he is like “a kid in a candy store” when it comes to all the girls in the villa.

He wastes no time getting to know Jessica and sharing a passionate kiss. Jess says “she wants to rip his clothes off” and only has eyes for him, after forgetting about Conor quickly.

Holly also has a chat with Al, and says she likes him but at the same time doesn’t want to be second best.  Holly feels that Jess is also first off getting to know the new bombs and does the same thing every time, and that is kiss them straight away.

Stella and Tak share a moment in the villa, both admit they are struggling and want a real connection but don’t have it yet.

It’s drama for Austen and Claudia at night, when he accidentally calls her Layla in bed during pillow talk, Claudia isn’t happy and ignores him the next day. Austen believes Claudia needs to improve her communication, and they talk things out.

Conor and Holly chat upstairs and he says he is interested in her, but is he just playing games? They share an awkward kiss, but it’s a start.

Al gets a text, he is going on two dates. He choses Maddy and Stella, which upsets Jess. The dates go well, he shares a number of passionate kisses with Maddy, as she heads back to the villa smiling.  Jess is jealous when she hears the news. Stella however, looks like she will be just friends with Al.

The Islanders get a text, they are called to the firepit for a recoupling.

Al couples up with Jess, Jordan couples up with Stella, Austen couples up with Claudia, Mitch couples up with Phoebe, Conor couples up with Holly, and Callum couples up with Layla.

They then get a text and are told it’s not the end of the night but they have nothing to worry about. One couple is going to the hideaway for the first time this series, and the Islanders choose Mitch and Phoebe.


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