Al’s Arrival Shakes up Love Island

The villa is in shock after Maddy chose to steal Mitch from Phoebe. But as Phoebe says, “may the best woman win”.  She is going to fight for her man.  Maddy has no regrets in stealing Mitch, this is what she came into Love Island Australia for, to shake things up. Despite appearing to take the steal well, behind the scenes Phoebe doesn’t have anything nice to say about Maddy.

Stella is upset as Jordan is not paying her enough attention. He sat on his friend Phoebe’s lap after the steal, and hardly said a word to her. She confides in Maddy and Holly she isn’t happy.  She also pulls Jordan aside and lets him know how she is feeling.

Mitch and Phoebe have a chat and he tells Phoebe he only has eyes for her and he won’t sleep in a bed with Maddy.  He seems to be closed off.  This upsets Maddy.

In the morning Conor gets a text, they are going on a boy’s day out to the beach.

While the boys are gone Stella gets a text, a bomb is coming and they are all so excited. Even more so when the bomb arrives and it’s Al from MAFS, they can hardly believe it.

Stella and Jess are already eyeing him off and they can’t believe their luck.

As for Al, he tells the girls he is in the Love Island Australia villa to find love.

He gets to know all the girls, and they are all giddy with excitement.

The boys arrive back and Stella pretends to be a male bomb and does a pretty good job of it. But  they aren’t fooled. Then Al walks out and like the girls when he first arrived, the boys can’t believe it.

They all get to know each other and the night ends with Al doing one of his famous shoeys at the night party in the villa.

Al has all the girls talking, he is about to cause some chaos.


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