Traitor V Traitor.

The Faithful aren’t the only ones who need to watch their backs, with Traitor turning against Traitor on tonight’s killer episode of The Traitors.

It was a new day in the Hotel after last night’s explosive banishment of Annabel. Blake had lost all trust in fellow Traitor Sam after he failed to protect him in yesterday’s banishment, and after Luke’s murder was revealed, an epic groundswell of suspicion fell on Sam.

At the Mission, the selfish actions of some resulted in a mere $18,000 in silver. Blake shared a car ride back to the Hotel with Keith and Sarah who both revealed they would be voting for Sam tonight. No surprises here that Blake was completely on board with this. A slight spanner in the works, after a visit to the armoury, saw stealthy Sam win himself the Shield.

While, Camille and Simone tried to rally even more numbers on Sam, Blake took the opportunity to hint to Camille that this Traitor must be a very arrogant person and who do they know that is arrogant around here? Blake is a man on a mission!

Tensions are high in the Banishment Ceremony after heat was instantly thrown on Sam. Sam came out all guns blazing and miraculously managed to defend himself, masterfully throwing attention to Simone which led to her ultimate demise.

Back at Traitor’s Tower, Sam knows Camille is onto him. When Rodger reveals this was their last chance to recruit a newbie Traitor, Sam tells Blake they must recruit Camille or else he will be in serious trouble. Sam laid it on thick with Blake saying if he agrees to this recruitment, they will call a cease fire and work together until the very end.


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