Block Argument Gets Heated

It’s week four on The Block and our Blockheads are building a guest bathroom in the main part of the house.

Leah’s issues with the judges’ feedback  continues, she is not happy that she came equal last with Eliza and Liberty for last week’s studio.  Leah isn’t happy with Steph and Gian’s win last week, calling their beige style ‘7 shades of Arrowroot biscuit.’

At the end of the Domain Open For Inspections after checking all the houses out, Leah is absolutely furious and thinks she and Ash are being unfairly judged.

Our Blockheads all get into the planning stage of their bathrooms with some surprises.

Kyle and Leslie take the shower out of their room and will deliver the smallest room on The Block, a beautiful, but small, powder room.

Eliza and Liberty will also do a first for The Block – the very first moss feature wall that is set to divide.

Leah and Ash are on the war parth and have a huge fight with Nine In Six, who are Scotty’s builders on The Block.  She felt they didn’t do enough on the weekend to protect their work from home space which was destroyed by rain.

The fight gets very emotional and heated, as Aidan and Simmo from Nine In Six explain the situation.

At the end of the day Ash attempts to bury the hatchet with a bottle of scotch for Aidan and Simmo, but will it be enough?

Our Blockheads are given a breakdancing challenge, where they have to learn a break dancing routine in a week with a special performance later in the week at Scotty’s HQ.

Tom the plumber returns and gives this week’s Bob awards for the best building team to Eliza and Liberty – and extra $10,000 thanks to HiPages.


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