Tich exit the Villa

There is so much love in the villa at the moment as all our final five couples go on a group and then individual dates.  There is some salsa dancing followed by some very romantic dates.

Mitch and Phoebe say ‘I love you’ to each other in their Spanish lesson. They both repeat in English, and finally say “I love you,” to each other.  There are happy tears all round. 

Jess and Al do life drawing sketching, and both admit they are falling for each other. 

Mitch and Tina have a lovely date, cheer to second chances and admit they are excited to see where things are going to go outside of the villa.

Callum and Mads do clay pottery and are both excited to see what the outside holds for them. 

Claudia and Austen make sangria whilst discussing meeting each other’s families. 

All couples return to the villa feeling giddy after a great day. 

At night Mitch gets a text and the Islanders are called to the firepit immediately as Sophie arrives.

Tonight there will be one couple going home, with the Islanders making the choice. Each of the five couples must pick the couple they think the least will make it work out of the villa. 

Voting is close but with three votes, Mitch and Tina are dumped and leave the villa.


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