Snow Day Review

Snow Day Review

This weekend, Nickelodeon and Paramount+ releases Snow Day.

When Snow Day opens, we are introduced to siblings Hal (Ky Baldwin, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door) and Natalie Brandston (Michaela Russell, WandaVison). Natalie needs a miracle to avoid winter school, which Hal has a plan to fall in love with Claire (Shelby Simmons, Bunk’d) by helping backstage at the school’s theatre production.

When the duo conjure up a snow day, both are on separate quests to achieve their goals.

Inspired to pursue his crush Claire, despite the fact that she’s dating Chuck Wheeler (Myles Erlick, West Side Story), Hal enlists the help of his best friend Lane (Fabi Aguirrei, Les Misérables on Broadway) to help him express his feelings. Meanwhile Natalie decides she must challenge the town’s cranky snowplow man (Jerry Trainor, iCarly)if she wants to pull off the task of creating a second snow day.

Will the pair be able to succeed on their quests? Only time will tell.

Through its 75-minute runtime, Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi, and Samantha Martin deliver a fairly simple film with catchy musical numbers.

The cast radiate joy, with Ky and Michaela shining in the leading roles. But with a cast of fresh talent, it’s hard to fault any of them.

Snow Day is a fun watch and perfect for the whole family.

3 Stars

Snow Day Premieres Saturday, 17 December At 3pm On Nickelodeon And Streaming From Sunday, 18 December On Paramount+.


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