Recoupling leads to an exit

The villa is getting used to not having one of OG boys Jordan after he was dumped.

After a rocky week Jess and Al are getting along famously, Al admits he is smitten with Jess.

Mitch and Tina spend the night in the hideaway, and take every opportunity to reconnect away from the other Islanders.

The Islanders are all given their own baby (a doll) as a challenge. They have to look after the baby, which is an insight to the future where the Islanders may one day have kids.

The girls then get a text, they head to Sophie’s villa for a girls day out, leaving the boys to look after the babies themselves.

At night Mads gets a text, one couple will be dumped tonight.

The Superfans voted who they wanted to find love the most, with Al, Tina and Phoebe receiving the most. They must now decide which couple is dumped.

After a long discussion they choose Stella and Hugh, based on them having the least strong connection compared to all other couples in the villa.

The girls in particular are very emotional to see one of their OG’s Stella go. Hugh is sad to leave his sister Mads’ behind but has a good chat with Callum about leaving her in his hands.


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