Three farmers invite their favourites back to the farm

Tonight marked the start of a brand-new season of Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus, with host Samantha Armytage playing cupid to five new farmers, plucked from paddocks around the country. 

With first date nerves in overdrive, Farmer Bert (30, Wamuran, Queensland), Farmer Joe (33, Bombala, NSW), Farmer Dustin (26, Condobolin, NSW), Farmer Dean (25, Kandanga, Queensland) and Farmer Tom (22, Tabilk, Victoria) gathered in the picturesque Hunter Valley ready to meet a lady who could be ‘the one’.   

Picked from thousands of eligible single ladies who saw their profiles online, Farmers Bert, Dustin and Dean met their favourites in a round of speed-dating.

“It’s very important to have somebody that fits in the family. It’s hard to find someone who’s right for the farm. It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack,” Farmer Dustin said before meeting his prospective ladies.

A visibly nervous Farmer Bert was lost for words when he met 32-year-old customer service professional Karli: “Karli’s definitely distracting. Just finding the right questions and stuff is a little intimidating. I think there’s a bit of a spark in there.” 

Bella, a 24-year-old marketing professional, took Farmer Dean’s breath away when she arrived in her gold shoes, designer handbag and city charm: “Wow! She’s bloody beautiful. Such a strong personality, very outgoing. She’s pretty flash, that’s for sure, but we got along so well. Unbelievable.” 

After plenty of awkward laughter and stolen glances, the three farmers each invited five ladies back to their beloved farms.

Farmer Bert: Caity, Karli, Caitlin, Lauren, April

Farmer Dean: Bella, Teegan, Tiffany, Kate, Hayley

Farmer Dustin: Sophie, Anna, Chloe, Izzy, Kara


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