Lego Masters Breaks The Ice

Hamish Blake returns as host, alongside judge Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught, joining them are four Australian teams, handpicked as the best we’ve got to go up against four seasoned LEGO® Masters teams from across the globe, battling it out for the trophy, $100,000 cash and title of winners of LEGO® Masters: Australia vs. the World.

This season, eight teams are competing for the Big Brick which wields unprecedented power; specific advantages and immunity if the next episode is an elimination. In the following episode, the Big Brick goes back into play, where it’s up for grabs once again. But first, the teams must face the hardest ever first episode challenge, called Break the Ice, where teams have 14-hours to build anything they desire, however, the build must be strong enough to break through a sheet of ice and emerge intact.

The eight teams hit the ground running, with loveable Aussie mother and son team, Dianne and Shane the first into the brick pit to start on their “Blooming Flower”design. Playing to Shane’s strengths, their build will be double mechanised with the petals of the flower opening as it breaks through the ice and reveals a little spinning bee on the inside. With minutes to go Shane decides he needs to re-build the mechanics of the build….. which may cost them dearly.

Taking time out of his busy schedule the “Prime Minister of Australia” does the rounds revving up the Internationals, but not so much the Australians!

Master model builder Charlie and former Beauty Queen Haley are building a large volcano with a “Lava Monster” bursting out the top. However, the girls do not spend their time wisely and with 1-hour to go, the girls are missing a vital piece of their build – the lava monster itself.

The German best friends show why they are fierce competition and previous LEGO® Masters winners having a clear idea and begin quickly executing their vision of a big fire-breathing dragon, wrapped about a beautiful castle.

Nipping at the heels of the Germans, the Danish team, stick with what they know, building a penguin on top of a rocket, “Reaching for the Stars”. The build has mechanised plumes bubbling from underneath the rocket.

The Americans represent themselves literally, by building themselves as spinning fairies inside a vintage TV named “Spring Rising”. LEGO® store employees and best mates, Ben and Eric, build a sea serpent attacking a Viking village and Aussie friends, Sam and Emilio decide on a “Sea Monster” bursting out of the sea and attacking a fisherman in his boat. The boys have issues keeping the head of the sea monster on throughout the build, and with less than an hour to go, knock it off completely, which means the boys must hustle if they want to rebuild and get anything through the ice at all!

French brother and sister team land on the concept of building a pencil early on, however Brickman is not convinced on the storytelling aspect of it, and they evolve their idea to a”Cecil, the deep-sea diving pencil”, who is looking for its sharpener and eraser under the sea.

Time’s up and it’s time to break the ice…

Miraculously all eight LEGO® builds survive, with only minor damages, and to no one’s surprise the winners of the first challenge are Team Germany, Annalena and Felix, who take first spot and win over Brickman with their ability to not only grab his attention but alos hold his attention with their exquisitely detailed  “Dragon and Castle” design, becoming the first ever team to take home the “Big Brick”, which will give them a huge advantage in the next episode!


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