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On this episode of LEGO® Masters, our six teams are tasked with recreating an iconic scene from a well-known and recognisable TV show in 10 hours. The builds will be scored out of 20 points from Brickman, with a bonus three points up from grabs if a special guest judge (Sophie Monk) can guess which famous show the team has picked. With Aussie’s Shane & Dianne, and Team USA Krystle & Michelle in possession of the BIG Brick, the news that today’s episode is an elimination shocks our teams.  Two teams are safe, which means one of four will be eliminated today.

Team Denmark, Peter and Ida decide to go with the classic TV show, Baywatch.

Team USA, Krystle and Michelle decide on the opening scene of iconic TV Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Our German team, Felix and Annalena, make a strategic choice, and chose a cartoon, Dora the Explorer

Aussie’s Charlie & Haley choose SpongeBob SquarePants

Aussie team Dianne and Shane choose the classic TV show, Happy Days

Aussie best mates Ben and Eric, pick the ultimate nostalgic cartoon, Scooby Doo

Team USA, Krystle and Michelle, and holders of the BIG Brick, are quick to start with their iconic idea – the opening scene of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Deciding that the couch is their main character and most notable feature, Michelle gets started working on this, while Krystle gets to work on the New York City skyline and background buildings. Halfway down and after a bench visit from Brickman, the girls realise that they really need to get started building their six characters, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel. Once the characters are built, the girls work on composition, working on the last little details they need to make the build pop.

From Team Denmark, Peter and Ida decide to go with the classic TV show, Baywatch. Hoping to recreate the opening titles scene with Pamela Anderson running down the beach, Peter is tasked with the difficult challenge of building the human form out of Lego, while Ida gets to work on building the blue sky and sandy beach. Once Peter finishes the character, Brickman visits and points out a few problems facing the character. Peter slowly starts to stress out, realising he’s spent too much time on the character, that there’s things missing from the build. Peter quickly makes changes to the character, worried that she may not be as recognisable as he hoped, and that they may be going home today.

Team Germany, Felix and Annalena, make a strategic choice, and chose a cartoon TV show that they’ve barely seen but believe is recognisable. Deciding on Dora the Explorer, Annalena starts on the characters, building Swiper the Fox first. As she works through the characters, Felix works hard on the background, putting a lot of time and effort into the monochrome colour scheme, hoping this strategy will help to give the build perspective.  The team finish their build in good spirits, focusing on placement and composition before time is up.

Australian’s and holders of the BIG Brick, Dianne and Shane decide today to go big or go home. Choosing a classic show that is close to both of their hearts, this team opt for Happy Days. With the safety of the Big Brick and the ambition to push themselves, Shane and Dianne decide they want to build three mechanisms into their TV set. They firstly want the Fonz to hit the jukebox, that will then light up, and to the side Joanie will start to dance. Brickman holds reservations to their ambitious ideas, but the team are not deterred. With halfway down, Dianne begins to worry that Shane is focusing too much on the first mechanism, the jukebox, and that they need to get a move onto the characters. Once the Fonz is built, and with an hour to go, Shane quickly starts to build Joanie but struggles to get the mechanism to work efficiently. After spending too much time trying to get the Joanie mechanism to work, Shane and Dianne make an executive decision to no longer motorise Fonz’s arm. With less than a minute to go, the build is still in shambles with bits and pieces all over the place and the Fonz not locked into the build. With 10 seconds to go and the Fonz’s head still not in place, Shane and Dianne rush to finish, but unfortunately do not get the Fonz’s head in place before time is up, leaving the team with an unfinished build.

Aussie duo, Ben and Eric, pick the ultimate nostalgic cartoon, Scooby Doo. Hoping to recreate the iconic reveal scene where the bad guy’s mask is pulled off and the real criminal is revealed to the world, the boys divide and conquer, with Eric working on the background and building a spooky mansion, while Ben gets started on building the most iconic and recognisable characters, characters, Shaggy, Fred, Scooby and the evil villain With the last-minute addition of the mystery machine, and a pointer from Hamish to make Scooby Doo’s snout longer, the boys finish their build managing to get all the recognisable staples of the TV show into the box!

Australian team Charlie and Haley choose the iconic cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. Charlie starts building SpongeBob, while Haley works on creating the oceanic background. After a visit from Brickman where they’re advised that SpongeBob needs to be bigger to be recognisable, which leads the girls to bicker; Charlie disagreeing with Brickman, while Haley can see Brickman’s point. Finally, Charlie comes around to the idea and starts to rebuild SpongeBob. Once Charlie finishes her second version of SpongeBob, Hamish visits, and drops the bomb that he thinks SpongeBob should also be bigger, AGAIN!!!! Much to Charlie’s dismay, she leaves for the Brick Pit to once again to try and make SpongeBob bigger.

With special guest and best friend of the show, Sophie Monk entering the studio, it is revealed to the teams that she will have 10 seconds to guess their TV show they have built. Sophie manages to guess all shows, except for the headless Fonz, leaving Shane and Dianne the only team without the three bonus points – but lucky they’re safe from elimination with the BIG Brick! Safe from elimination today are Shane and Dianne and Krystle and Michelle. The winners of today’s build and the BIG Brick once again (for the fifth time this series) are the German team, Felix and Annalena. The bottom two teams are revealed to be Charlie and Haley and Peter and Ida – unfortunately we see the Aussie team, Charlie and Hayley leave the competition.


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