Lego Masters Go Karts

In this adrenaline fuelled episode two of LEGO® Masters, we change gears! Hamish Blake arrives to the studio in a Go Kart, dressed as a race car driver!  The competition heats up as teams of four, including two all-Australian and two international pairings, go head-to-head in a high-stakes challenge: designing and constructing the exterior of real-life LEGO® go-karts.

Teams are tasked with creating eye catching designs that not only impress judge Brickman but also hold up during a thrilling race on a go-kart track. Brickman evaluates each teams creation for aesthetics awarding scores out of 10 before the karts hit the track with a potential three bonus points on offer from Hamish for the kart that makes it over the finish line first with ‘most’ of their LEGO® intact.

Felix and Annalena from Germany use their big brick advantage from Episode 1 to select the teams for today’s challenge, and they will be building in teams of four – keeping inline with the theme of Australia vs The World the teams will be two International and two teams from Australia.  

The first Australian team is Shane and Dianne, Sam and Emilio pivot from an “Aussie Hot Dog Go Kart” concept to a “Banana Split Go Kart”, aiming to beat the international teams with their creative flair, but they struggle with the curved shapes when building their banana!

Germans Felix and Annalena join with Danish duo Peter and Ida to craft a delectable “European Hot Dog Go Kart” with intricate brick sculpting of a bun, wurst, onion rings, pickles, ketchup and mustard!

The second Aussie team is right into the “coolest challenge ever in LEGO® Masters History” Charlie and Haley, Ben and Eric who opt for a sleek “Pink Dream Car Go Kart”.  They focus on the design which is aerodynamic, but does it have enough bling to compete with the other designs?

The final international team is Krystle and Michelle from America and French brother/sister duo Camille and Caroline who create an aerodynamic giant frog, aptly named “Green Frog Go Kart”.

With 8 hours and 1 minute to build, the teams get started!

Brickman judges each build ahead of the racetrack.  Starting with the ‘Pink Dreamz Car’, he likes the minimalist, low sleek approach, the colour choice and its details including the fluffy dice, he judges it 7 out of 10.  The Hot Dog ‘Weiner Wagon’ is judged next, Brickman loves it, the sculpting of the hot dog and all its details including the sauce, mustard, pickles – he loves it and gives it an 8 out of 10!  The Banana Split is next and Brickman thinks the sculpting could have been better, but is inspired by the colour choices.  He scores it 6.5 out of 10.  The Frog is the final kart to be judged by Brickman who likes it’s fun and quirkiness!  Form a technical perspective he is worried about the front of the kart, the head of the frog and if it is too big.  He gives it a 7 out of 10.

A special guest, a professional “mystery LEGO®” Go Kart driver joins the teams with a hot lap………’s Sophie Monk who gets out of the kart and assists Hamish on the start and finish lines!

As the Karts get ready to race on the track, the greatest showdown commences!  Dianne pilots the Banana Split, Charlie races the Pink Dream Car, Michelle drives the Green Frog and Annalena steers the Hot Dog!  The race is precarious at best and absolute chaos ensues on the track.  Annalena’s plan is to smash through everyone and be the ‘hottest dog in town’, Michelle gets told by her team that ‘slow and steady wins the race’, Charlie’s plan is to ‘get out thre and kick some but’ and Dianne’s strategy is to be the Steven Bradbury of the racetrack and she unexpectedly takes the lead…… before a dramatic crash and ending with NO LEGO® remaining on the kart!

Charlie wins the race, but as each kart suffers significant LEGO® damage throughout the race, leading to disqualification for all teams the ‘Hamish Blake bonus points’ go by the wayside.

Despite the bedlam on the track, the German-Danish alliance emerges victorious based on their impressive aesthetic scores. As a result, both the Danish and German teams earn coveted big bricks to be used to their advantage in the next episode.


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