There’s No ‘E’ In Survivor. Brawn Lose Yet Another Tribemate.

It seems the Brawn Tribe should’ve spent more time playing Scrabble and less time pumping iron, as a spelling puzzle proved their undoing, sending former real estate agent and highflyer, Benny Burdo packing on tonight’s Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn.

The castaways have been calling the Outback home for over a week now, and at the Reward Challenge, they were tantalised by the prospect of winning the ultimate comfort reward: pillows, blankets and eating utensils, but more importantly, bacon, eggs and avocado! To win, two tribemates were tethered together, to shoot hoops in a complex, obstacle course – the first to three points won the goodies. Brawn shot, Brawn scored.

Not letting their third consecutive Immunity loss get them down, Brains’ Baden, slithered away to start his hunt for the Immunity Idol, but the ever-suspicious George enlisted Wai to look for the Idol with him. High in the arms of a willow tree, George scrambled to grab the Idol before Baden spotted him. What havoc will George bestow upon Brains now he knows he’s safe?

The Immunity Challenge saw the Tribes tasked with carrying a heavy cage around an obstacle course and collecting bags of letters suspended high above them. After scaling a wall, climbing over a cargo net and unhitching a winding battle-rope from a series of six foot poles, they needed to use their letters to complete a word puzzle.

While Brawn got to the puzzle first, neither Tribe wanted to put words up on the board in case the other copied them. Brawn started to falter with Benny unknowingly moving a pile of letters Daini has carefully laid out, slowing them down. Mayhem ensued as made spelling mistakes and misunderstood instructions shouted at each other.

In the end, thanks to word-wiz and author Wai who decoded the puzzle first, Brains emerged victorious.

With Brawn now forced to pick their next target, Shannon landed on Simon but Benny foolishly let word slip. Simon was sent into overdrive convincing two of the majority to vote his way. Daini agreed but Shannon was harder to convince, as she still seeks revenge for her close call at the first Tribal.

At the vote, Jonathan announced the shocking result –  a tie between Simon and Benny. The Tribe was on the edge of their seat as they revoted, and Benny was sent home.


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