The Bachelorettes Brace For Bad Weather

The Bachelorettes Brace For Bad Weather

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, a storm was brewing and boy-oh-boy did Lily make it rain! Sadly, it was Belinda and Jacinta whose time in the mansion came to an end. 

Jimmy pulled out the big guns and the small planes, for his first single date with Brooke. With thunder booming overhead and Brooke, who is a nervous flyer,  put all her trust in pilot Jimmy. We salute you Brooke. 

Post flight, the pair sat down to the obligatory cheese platter where Brooke was surprised at how strong her feelings were this early on. Cue the kiss and the “here’s a rose I prepared earlier” move. 

It’s not The Bachelor Australia without the infamous photoshoot, and this time Steph, Laura, Rebekah, Tamlyn, Jacinta, Belinda, Sierah, Tahnee, Tatum and Lily were tasked with replicating iconic moments in romantic comedies. 

Laura breathed new life into her character Beryl, the old librarian with a cheeky streak. Belinda took her wedding crasher role to the next level and had us asking where she had been all of our lives. Sierah played Jimmy’s girlfriend, and Tahnee played the best friend he had never noticed. While Sierah was quick to use her humour, it was her overzealous acting that had some of the ladies feeling uncomfortable. 

The final shoot was a “happily ever after” theme, staring up-and-comer Lily and her leading man, Jimmy, in a scene that put The Notebook to shame. Getting lost in the moment, Lily planted a passionate kiss on Jimmy. So, it came as no surprise that Jimmy chose Lily for the extra time alone, scoring her a rose and another kiss.  

When the group date ladies arrived home, they were quick to reveal Lily’s very public kiss, which inturn, broke Brooke’s heart.

Later at the cocktail party, Jay came armed with her Business Lounge privileges, and was quick to whisk Jimmy away to play some chess.  

While The Queen’s Gambit was going on in the Business Lounge, Sierah told the remaining ladies that she needed time with Jimmy, as she felt anxious post photoshoot. Tahnee joined the conversation and immediately wished she didn’t, when Sierah proceeded to blame her for how she was feeling, which saw Tahnee storm off in tears. 

Sadly, at the rose ceremony we said goodbye to Belinda and Jacinta


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