Sexy Beasts Review

Sexy Beasts Review

Tonight , Netflix unveiled its next dating show with a difference, this time in the form of Sexy Beasts.

Sexy Beasts offers a unique and often hilarious dating experience. Using prosthetics, our single men and women have their real looks completely hidden as they’re transformed into all manner of animals and fantastical creatures. It’s only then that their romantic adventures begin.

A six-part series, each episode will feature a new single ‘picker’ searching for true love based purely on personality. They will date three potential love matches out in the real world, all in full prosthetic makeup, which certainly stuns members of the public looking on.

Only when the dating is over and our picker has chosen their match, their Sext Beast, will everyone’s faces be revealed.

With each episode just 30 minutes long, it’s a super easy watch, with Rob Delaney our narrator guiding us through all the dates.

Part Masked Singer, part Love Is Blind, can you find love based on personality alone?

 3.5 Stars

Sexy Beasts is now streaming on Netflix


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