Bachelor Airline’s Maiden Flight Takes Off

Bachelor Airline’s Maiden Flight Takes Off

On tonight’s premiere of The Bachelor Australia, 31-year-old First Officer Jimmy Nicholson met 23 mesmerising bachelorettes, but it was Jay who caught our captain’s eye and scored herself a one-way ticket to the Business Lounge.

Are you even a pilot if you don’t fly a plane to meet Osher who is standing in the middle of an airfield? Osher, with not a hair out of place, offered some sage words to Jimmy before he departed on his journey to love. From love contracts and cakes, to cranes and cavity checks, this cocktail party was off to a flying start.

First out of the limo was Occupational Therapist, Brooke with her nanna’s Sri Lankan love cake, followed by Corporate lawyer Carlie with a love contract to sign. Jay challenged Jimmy to a game of chess, but despite unsuccessfully attempting to checkmate him in three moves, Jay was still a queen in Jimmy’s eyes.

Speech pathologist Laura examined Jimmy’s oral cavities and Sierah showed her spiritual side by reading Jimmy’s tarot while secretly holding in a fart which threatened to levitate her off the ground. Now that’s real talent.

V8 driving Criminal Lawyer, Belinda, explained that without love, life was a series of eating, but one meeting with our dreamy Bachy and she was already visualising the mile-high club. Meanwhile, 27-year-old Marketing Manager, Holly, took Jimmy on a mini date to her pop-up wine bar.

Flight manager, Chanel, took Jimmy on a fun first-class experience with Bachelor Airlines and proceeded to steal all of our pilot related puns we had lined up for the season. Jimmy also had an aeroplane pun up his muscular sleeve, telling Chanel that he worked in aluminium tubing, but that went over her head.

Business Development Manager, Stephanie, dated a pilot for three years and was sceptical of our dear Bachelor, claiming to know the lifestyle – good looking men in uniforms, in random cities with a lot of money, in a hotel, it’s a concoction that can lead anywhere. This wasn’t going to fly with the other ladies, who were quick to point out that you don’t date the profession, you date the Bachelor. Someone upgrade these ladies to premium economy already!

Osher arrived to the mansion to more fanfare than a FIFA World Cup finale, and revealed that come the end of the night, Jimmy would be handing over the key to the Business Lounge, a twist that awards its recipient with exclusive, uninterrupted time alone with Jimmy.

With the key on the line, the race was on for each girl to secure time with Jimmy before the cocktail party was over. But with the rush of interruptions and no auto-pilot button to save him, Jimmy suffered a little altitude sickness as he navigated the cocktail party etiquette.

Personal trainer, Elena, tried her luck getting Jimmy’s shirt off but much to the disappointment of Elena (and viewers at home), before he could unrobe, a waiter turned up with a walkie talkie and a request asking if there was room for one more.

Is it a bird? Is it a crane? Kind of, it’s a Bachelorette. Enter Crane Operator, Lily, a little late to the party, but well worth it as she descended from the heavens and right into Jimmy’s heart.

But in the end, it was Jay who caught our captain’s eye from the moment she hit that runway, scoring her the first rose and that all important key to the Business Lounge.

Sadly, with only 21 roses up for grabs, Lauren and Annabelle were bid farewell.


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