Bush fairy-tale comes true for Andrew, Will and Matt

Bush fairy-tale comes true for Andrew, Will and Matt

Tonight on Australia’s #1 dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife, Farmers Andrew, Matt and Will followed their heart and found love.   

After the ups and downs of the last few weeks, Farmer Matt faced the ultimate choice to decide about his feelings for 25-year-old executive assistant Tara and 22-year-old waitress Alex. Although still wary if Tara would be suited to farm life, Matt couldn’t deny their connection, saying he loved her determination and gentle side, before declaring his love for her.

“Tara, I am falling for you. Would you be happy to start this next chapter of our life?” asked the 26-year-old cattle farmer. Taking barely a moment, Tara answered “yes” before the couple embraced. “I am extremely happy, obviously now that I know how Matt feels finally after all these weeks. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.”

Alex wished Matt well, hoping he could find “trust” in Tara before leaving him with some food for thought about his choice. “I think everything you are looking for is here, but that’s your decision.” 

Farmer Rob’s second chance at love didn’t quite pan out as he had planned. Despite coming into the experience with an open heart, Rob still wasn’t able to get his lightning bolt moment with 36-year-old psychologist Kate or 40-year-old horse nutritionist Vici. “It’s a horrible feeling to hurt people’s feelings, but I came here looking for love,” said Rob after telling Kate he felt they had a friendship rather than romance. “For my part, I felt like there was a really good connection, but I appreciate it has to be both ways,” said an understanding Kate.

Vici was more taken back when Rob told her he didn’t see a future for them as he felt they were different people. “I think I’m a bit of a pragmatic old fellow living up in the hills and you’re a free spirit up at Bryon Bay. I don’t know if I ever see that playing out long term.”

“Wow!” said Vici, eyes wide, hand on hip taking a step back as she heard Rob’s words. “It’s a bit confusing. I thought there was electricity between us.” But Rob was determined not to settle for anything less than the lightning bolt moment. “I think when you find love, you know it. You’re not questioning yourself about whether it is or it isn’t. I know what I’m after and unfortunately, I didn’t find it.”

For Farmer Will, it was all about following his “gut”. Even though he had strong feelings for 29-year-old zookeeper Kristina and knew life on the farm with her would be perfect given her love of animals, Will chose to follow his heart rather than his head. “It was exceptionally hard to let Kristina down. She’s an amazing girl. No one likes to be rejected. It’s a terrible feeling.” Will said 32-year-old nurse Jaimee had made him smile and laugh every day and admitted he was “falling” for her, confessing, “I’ve done some soul searching and all my advice was ‘go with your gut’. I’ve decided I choose you if you’ll have me?”

“I definitely Will!” smiled Jaimee as the two kissed. “It felt great telling Jaimee how I feel. I haven’t felt this way in a long time and I do see a promising future.”

Farmer Andrew had become fond of 28-year-old retail manager Ash, but his heart belonged to 27-year-old community relations worker Jess. “It just hurts. You could see he had real feelings. It is what it is,” said Ash through tears after Andrew told her of his decision. “I can’t change anything more.”  

Feeling nervous before meeting up with Andrew, Jess said she was surprised at how quickly she had fallen for him. “I could see myself living as ‘Mrs Farmer Andrew’. I think it would be a really good life and he would be an incredible partner.” 

The feeling was mutual. “From the moment I met you, there was instant chemistry. I love that you are so driven and that you’ve got solid goals that you want to achieve in life,” said Andrew smiling shyly at Jess. “I love that you are adventurous and spontaneous, and I’m not someone who normally falls for someone so quickly, but from the moment I met you, I knew that I was falling for you.

“I never want to be separated from you and I hope that I’ve found my ride or die because the thing is Jess, I’m in love with you.” Jess responded: I’m in love with you too.”


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