The games begin today on The Chase with Larry Emdur

The games begin today on The Chase with Larry Emdur

Who is the greatest Chaser of them all? Is it The Shark, Goliath or The Supernerd, or maybe your money is safer on TheGoverness or The Tiger Mum? Find out today when The Chase Australia, welcomes brand-new host Larry Emdur.

One of the country’s most experienced and loved television presenters, Emdur has had a love affair with quiz shows for most of his working life and says the opportunity to host one of the TV world’s greatest formats is incredibly exciting.

“I’m thrilled to be the new host of The Chase and I can’t wait to see the look on my mum’s face when she hears me saying all those big words,” said Emdur. “I’m excited to be starting during the Olympics. Mind you, any of the Chasers will happily tell you this show IS the Olympics of quizzing.”

Emdur, who also hosts Seven’s top-rating The Morning Show alongside Kylie Gillies, has made a somewhat smooth transition into the hallowed Chase arena. “I felt reasonably composed during the shows until The Governess starting flirting with me, then it all kind of fell apart.”

Renowned for hosting some of Australia’s most-loved game shows, including Wheel Of Fortune and a record-breaking 1,500 episodes of The Price Is Right, Emdur has a front-row seat to witness contestants battle the thrilling brainpower of epic Chasers The Shark (Brydon Coverdale) Goliath (Matt Parkinson) The Supernerd (Issa Schultz) The Governess (Anne Hegerty) or The Tiger Mum (Cheryl Toh).

The Chase Australia is an ITV Studios Australia production for the Seven Network based on the original ITV quiz show.

The Chase

5.30pm Monday to Friday on Channel 7 and 7plus


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