The Wrong Girl Review

The Wrong Girl Review

The Wrong Girl is Ten’s latest foray into Australian drama but is it worth tuning in?

The Wrong Girl centres on Lily Woodward (Packed to the Rafters, Love Child’s Jessica Marais) a delightfully chaotic TV producer at the Breakfast Bar who is really having a bad week, trying to make her mark at work by pitching a segment to her boss Sasha (Doris Younane, McLeod’s Daughters) which gets shutdown. Lily’s workmate Nikkii (Christie Whelan Browne, Wonderland) puts forward the idea of a cooking segment with hot shot chef Jack (Rob Collins, Cleverman).

Things seem to be travelling well until Lily relaxes a little too much with her housemate Simone (The Dressmaker’s Hayley Magnus) and best friend Pete (The Moodys’ Ian Meadows). The night results in her sending a drunken email to her boss before sleeping with Pete, whose love life is complicated at best. It is clear Lilly is a mess, and how she attempts to and if she can fix things form the hook of the pilot.

Throughout the hour we are introduced to Lily’s family- mum Mimi (SeaChange’s Kerry Armstrong), dad Anthony (Steve Vizard) and paraplegic brother Vincent (Cloudstreet’s Hugo Johnstone-Burt), who prove that Lilly’s personal life is just as complex as her work life.

Madeline West and Craig McLachlan fill the roles as host of the Breakfast Bar, and throw in Hamish Blake as weather man Hamilton who rounds out an interesting cast who deliver all you expect.

The cast is one of the Wrong Girl’s huge draw cards. Marais is a very warm and inviting choice for Lily, who at times can be a little bit erratic but still relatable. The show’s real scene stealer is without a doubt Hayley Magnus, who brings the charming and very interesting Simone to life.

The script is an intriguing one that ticks all the boxes to hook you and keep you interested with Lilly and her complex life.

The Wrong Girl is a refreshing drama that is the right girl to get excited about


The Wrong Girl premieres 8:30 pm Wednesday on Ten