60 Minutes September 25

60 Minutes September 25

This weekend 60 Minutes has four stories.


Phoebe Handsjuk was a beautiful 24-year-old woman who died in the most brutal and baffling way. Six years ago she somehow got into the garbage chute of her highrise apartment building and fell 11 floors to her death. At first the Victoria Police dismissed the tragedy as a suicide and consequently put little effort into an investigation. Then, two years ago, a coroner found that when Phoebe died she had been in a confused, trance-like state brought about by alcohol consumption and the sleeping pill Stilnox. The coroner ruled Phoebe’s death was an accident and that no one else was involved. But that finding has been questioned by the Handsjuk family who believe there’s another, more sinister explanation. It has left Phoebe’s mother and grandfather, a retired detective, with no option but to conduct what the police didn’t – a proper investigation.

Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Stefanie Sgroi



She’s always been Australia’s sweetheart, but it’s easy to forget Olivia Newton-John is also the highest-selling Australian singer of all time. In her heyday Olivia was as popular as Taylor Swift and Britney Spears are today, with a phenomenal career built on a paradoxical mix of girl-next-door and sex siren. Remember Grease? And those skin-tight lycra leggings? Or the video of her hit song Physical that made young men go weak at the knees? Now, for the first time, Olivia reveals to Karl Stefanovic how she has coped with her own private heartache and tragedy, including her troubled daughter Chloe, as well as the disappearance of her former partner Patrick.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic Producer: Gareth Harvey



When Tom Hanks started out, someone forgot to tell him being a maniacal egomaniac and throwing daily temper tantrums was a prerequisite for success in Hollywood. Or if they did, he refused to listen. Unlike so many other acting superstars who insist on sharing the pain of suffering for their art, Tom simply got on with the job. And as he tells Allison Langdon, he has loved every minute of it. Along the way the films he has starred in have grossed billions of dollars, and his acting skills have won him two Academy Awards. Tom Hanks just turned 60, but he has no intention of slowing down. Very happily he continues to disprove the saying, “nice guys finish last”.

Reporter: Allison Langdon Producer: Grace Tobin

8:30pm Sunday on Nine