Georgia has her first dates

The Bachelorette finally entered  game on  mode with the first dates of the season.

Despite the Bachelors’ predictions that Lee would be the lucky recipient of the first single date card, Jake proved he had left a lasting impression and was rewarded with an uninterrupted day with Georgia.

Arriving in the picturesque Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Jake was greeted by Georgia and the pair enjoyed the beautiful surroundings as they took a trip in a sky-high cable car. Adrenalin junkie

Georgia surprised Jake by telling him that their date would see them stepping out of the car and, supported only by ropes, lowered over 100 metres to the forest floor beneath. With hearts racing and nerves at an all-time high, the duo found support in one another as they made their descent. Their adrenalin-charged morning led to Georgia and Jake sharing an emotional and heartfelt conversation, allowing them to open up about their tight-knit families and dreams for the future. Feeling their chemistry developing, they shared the first romantic kiss of the season.

Back at the Bachelorette mansion, Ryan, Aaron, Courtney, Ben, Lee, Matt, Clancy, Sam and Rhys were chosen for the first group date: an outback-themed cover shoot for Mills & Boon. Sparks flew for Georgia in her shoots with Courtney and Lee, but Rhys ruffled the feathers of his fellow Bachelors after he stripped down and showered his body from a bucket of water. Cameron was the only Bachelor to receive a one-on-one photo shoot with Georgia. As the pair were encouraged to brush lips for the ultimate romantic shot, the other Bachelors were convinced they had shared a proper kiss.

After clashing all day, the tension between Rhys and Sam reignited at the cocktail party. Stealing Georgia away to read her a poem he had penned about their first encounter, Rhys remained unaware of the vitriol being directed his way from the other Bachelors.


In the second rose ceremony of the season, New South Wales-based miner Ben was left without a arose. On his time in the mansion, Ben said: “Unfortunately I didn’t find the unicorn I have been looking for, but it’s just back to the drawing board I guess. “I hoped I was going to experience that feeling where you have swallowed a rainbow but it wasn’t meant to be and I’m sure my time will come one day.”