Sunday Night September 25

Sunday Night September 25

This weekend Sunday Nigh has a jam packed show this weekend.


In the upside down world of becoming a new mum, Ashy Bines has become the go-to girl for those wanting to get their old bodies back. She’s built a booming fitness empire helping mums and mums-to-be achieve health and happiness, and get back in shape and into a bikini. They’re called ‘yummy mummies’ but their pursuit of a perfect body has created a storm of outrage, with critics claiming it’s promoting unhealthy and unrealistic goals which end up doing more harm than good. Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle weighs in to the post-baby body debate.


Natascha Kampusch was just 10 years old when her life turned into a nightmare. She was on her way to school when a deranged loner snatched her off a street in Vienna. Natascha was taken to a suburban house and locked up in a cellar, purpose-built by her kidnapper. Trapped in the darkness, she was subjected to unimaginable abuse for eight long years before one day making a daring escape. But as Rahni Sadler discovers, there’s now a bizarre final twist to this story — Natascha has become the proud owner of the house of horrors where she was imprisoned.


With the AFL season drawing to a close, clubs throughout Australia will once again be on the hunt for that winning edge, a secret game-breaking weapon. The formula is simple – players have to be fast, fit and most of all, tall. Increasingly, Aussie Rules clubs are turning their attention overseas and in particular America. They’re targeting the best and the biggest talent the U.S. has to offer and it’s a bold recruitment drive that’s already paying dividends.

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