Gerogia begins her quest for love

Gerogia begins her quest for love

Australia’s new Bachelorette, Georgia Love, started her romantic journey , as she met 16 of the nation’s most eligible Bachelors in the premiere episode of The Bachelorette Australia.

After years of making her career number one, tonight Georgia put love on top and welcomed the idea of finding her “forever person” among the men who stepped out of the limousine.

Greeted by Georgia at the stunning Bachelorette mansion, this season’s Bachelors pulled out all stops to make a lasting first impression on the Bachelorette. From Lee and his donkey Chelsea, to Carlos and Courtney’s bracelets, all 16 men did their best to sweep Georgia off her feet.

After a small stumble upon entry into the luxurious cocktail party, Georgia composed herself with great humour and went on to impress the Bachelors throughout the evening. While the chemistry between Georgia and Jake was obvious in their one-on-one conversation, the comical bromance between Rhys and Aaron left the Bachelorette puzzled by their interest in one another.

Host Osher Günsberg stoked the cocktail party drama when he revealed Georgia would present one first impression rose to the Bachelor who intrigued her the most. The lucky recipient of this rose would be safe from elimination at the first rose ceremony and would also receive the unprecedented power of being able to plan a single and group date with Georgia.

To the surprise of his fellow Bachelors, it was industrial designer Courtney to whom Georgia found herself most drawn. Courtney’s childhood story of first love and accompanying gift of a pasta bracelet won Georgia over and secured him the first impression rose.

Bringing the evening to a close was the season’s first rose ceremony, where Georgia farewelled two Bachelors.

Queensland-based personal trainer Dale was disappointed to leave. “Obviously she didn’t feel the same way I did,” he said.

“It takes two to tango, it takes two in a relationship and clearly I am not the right one for her”. Victorian entrepreneur Carlos was the next to say goodbye. After applauding himself for giving the experience a red hot crack, he said: “It obviously takes a very strong and confident girl to be with a guy like me and hopefully one day she is out there.”