The Voice Final 4 Revealed

The final 8 will become 4 and 2 songs will decide who wins the voice so tonight will be exceptional

The judges open the show with a spectacular performance Livin La Vida Loca

Last week results will be announced later and everyone will sing one last time. First up is Celia Pavey singing Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John there were no judges’ comments but it was an ok performance  Next to preform is Steve Clisby he will cover  Change The World – Eric Clapton in a show stopping . Before we get the results we get a lengthy recap of their journey. The first finalist through is Celia Pavey as Steve Clisby thanks everyone involved for the great experience.

Next up to perform for us are Team Seal, First up will be Harrison Craig with unchanged melody he gets a standing ovation. His opponent will be Mitchell Anderson who covers   To Love Somebody – Bee Gees. After a look back at both contestants journey we discover that Harrison Craig will be team seal’s finalist Mitchell Anderson thanks everyone involved and all judges personally before departing the stage.

First up for team Joel is Kiyomi Vella she will cover running up That Hill – Kate Bush it’s a good performance. But will her team mate Danny Ross who is covering Let Her Go – Passenger outshine her?  He delivered a great performance. The grand finalist for Team Joel is Danny Ross Kiyomi thanks the judges for believing her

Last up to get their results is team Ricky First up will be miss murphy who gave an amazing performance of Love Don’t Live Here – Renee Geyer while Luke Kennedy went back to his roots with a mesmerising performance of Caruso – Josh Groan. Luke Kennedy is the finalist for team Ricky and Miss Murphy through tears says farewell to the voice

Now each artist will perform an original song which will be the winners single  Luke Kennedy is first he will sing  Love Is Gone’ which is a pop song that has a darker meaning  The song is about being at the end of a relationship and seeing the broken pieces of a relationship, trying to fit them back together. Seal says it was his favourite performance as we got an insight into who is. Ricky says it made him feel he is so proud.

Celia Pavey Candle in the Night a song about young love Joel says the love she sung about is real and congratulates her on both performances delta calls her a true artist

Danny Ross sang windmill a song about what it’s like to be a songwriter and a musician and you don’t know where the next song is coming from.   Delta says it was a beautiful song Joel believes in music so Danny doesn’t need him anymore as he is already a good storyteller.

Harrison Craig sang More Than a Dream about past and present obstacles and hurdles, whether a person has had any kind of loss or tragedy in their life or hardships that they’ve been through and how we tackle them had on.  Ricky says his father would be proud and hopes his children are as noble as he is. Seal says it’s amazing that he can connect with the audience and makes him want to be a better person.

Timomatic closes the show with a performance of his new single Parachute

Here are the numbers you need to call (you may also vote on Facebook from tomorrow or purchase the songs off iTunes, which counts for two votes):

To vote for CELIA PAVEY, SMS ‘CELIA’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 02.

To vote for DANNY ROSS, SMS ‘DANNY’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 05.

To vote for HARRISON CRAIG, SMS ‘HARRISON’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 03.

To vote for LUKE KENNEDY, SMS ‘LUKE’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 07.





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