MasterChef Australia Season Five – Barossa Challenge Continues

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Barossa Challenge Continues

The contestants may be ‘living it up’ in the Barossa, but reality is, two will be going home at the end of the week, so you don’t want to lose THIS challenge!

The contestants are made to wake up early yet again for today’s challenge. Noelene and Clarissa are already in elimination. Contestants are quite happy Clarissa is in the elimination, which I find rather bitchy for a show like this.

They all head to another exotic location in the Barossa- Maggie Beer’s farm! She’s thrilled they’re all there. Jules is thrilled that Maggie’s thrilled! Neha even gets a hug!

Today will work the same way as yesterday- they’re going to learn some skills with a protein that they will have to incorporate into a dish later on. Today, it’s a chicken! Do I smell a Maggie Beer terrine? I hope not!

So, as yesterday, the contestants learn how to break down the chicken. Today is a little bit different- they will be cooking the chicken tag team today. Each person will cook for twelve minutes and will have a one minute changeover.

At the end, there will be a losing team and the two least-impressive contestants will enter elimination with Clarissa and Noelene. Due to the differences, one female will have to cook twice. The teams huddle up and brief.

Totem kind of throws Daniel under the bus by suggesting he makes pastry. It’s a hot day, which means the challenge will be impossible for him. Totem admits to setting Daniel up to go home.

Xavier and Lucy will be first up. They are the only two that will be given an opportunity to see an example of the finished dishes. They both have to create a chicken parcel with a chutney salad and a frangipani tart. The winning team is the team that recreates Maggie’s dish the best.

Lucy uses her time to smear mustard on her bench to write down instructions for the other contestants. Ingenious. Xavier meanwhile isn’t even reading the recipe. …Ingenious!

Soon, round one is up. Daniel takes over for the boys while Lucy goes for another twelve minutes. Daniel starts on the tart base. Daniel hands over to Totem who doesn’t think he’s doing a good job of handing over. Totem’s plan backfires when Daniel leaves him with the pastry!

Lucy now has to hand over to Jules who thinks she is a mad woman…and that’s before she sees the bench of mustard! Both Totem and Jules work on the skinning of the chicken. Totem does quite well however Jules is under a lot of pressure.

Soon, she hands over to Emma as Totem hands over to Michael. Emma doesn’t think the other two girls have done enough. She doesn’t do well at getting the girls up to speed. Michael is doing quite well until the end when he cuts himself. He manages to get back in the game but he cuts himself without thinking about it, and due to the risk of him bleeding into the chicken, he has to dump the already diced chicken mix and start afresh!

It puts the boys well behind. He does however do well at getting back to where he left off.

Next up are Rishi and Liliana. Rishi doesn’t take much from the one minute changeover. He’s like a headless chook! Liliana knows what she’s doing but she’s way behind. She does her very best to get things done.

Andrew and Christina take over. Andrew chops up chicken for mincing; however it’s already been done! What’s going on?!

The girls, meanwhile, are doing fine. Christina is working slow but steady. By the end of the twelve minutes, Andrew has done nothing except repeat already completed steps. Lynton is next and continues from where Andrew left off, meaning Maggie is needed to step in to tell him the mincing and chopping and skinning is already done! Finally, Lynton steers the team back on track in time for Kelty to begin. Neha was in fir the girls and now switches to Faiza.

The girls are well into their dessert however the boys have all but neglected their pastry. When Kelty finally finds it and works on it, it’s turned bad. All Kelty is able to do is prepare the chutney. So far, that’s all they can plate up.

Hopefully Nicky can do a better job with the pastry however Kelty has already decided that the boys need to drop the tart from the menu. Pip is the second last girl to work and she is in a good headspace. Nicky doesn’t do much else except read. Pip’s parcel ends up overcooked however Nicky’s parcel cooks perfectly.

Vern begins plating on his dish and decides to whip up a quick dessert with crumble and apricot. Meanwhile, Samira almost drops the tart and cuts the parcel in half. It’s a near disaster. Unfortunately, Lucy’s mustard diagram has not been very helpful at all.

Soon enough, the contestants plate up and it’s time for tasting and judging.

There is a woman named Saskia that will help judge today. The girls are first. Maggie likes the presentation. Despite the overwarmed parcel, Maggie likes the cooking of it; however she says the chutney hasn’t reduced enough. The judges aren’t keen on the cooking of the skin. The tart is a hit.

To the boys and while they may have had to ditch the tart, their parcel is a huge hit. They actually like the dessert, but it’s not a tart. Vern is applauded for his effort.

The judges deliberate. While the boys got three of the four components perfect, they deliberate on the weighting of the loss of the tart.

In the end, the judges decide that the winning team was…the girls!

To the boys and the two that will follow Clarissa and Noelene in elimination will be…Michael and Andrew!

Despite this, Totem still wants Daniel in elimination. What is with his hatred for Daniel?!


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