The Block: Sky High Season Six – Kitchen Week Begins

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Kitchen Week Begins

Last night Madi and Jarrod won by half a point over Matt and Kim now it’s time for the open inspection.

In the cars on the way home Trixie feels disappointed she thought coming in to the competition they would be unstoppable. George isn’t happy that they were last given the fact they used their bedhead instead of a new one.

First up for inspection are Bec and George the twins don’t like the sheet that drapes on to the floor matt and Kim don’t like the wallpaper jarred likes their bed head. Madi says the ensuite is very punchy and they like it.

Jhonno and Trixie are next everyone loved the storage closet teams also loved the bedhead and matt liked the bench below the window. In the bathroom everyone loves the spa

While on the twins they are praised for the cupboards on either side. While Bec is pissed about the bed head cause they stuck to the rules. The ensuite is loved it feels cosy and warm and the tiling is loved.

Matt and Kim Bec cause the bed head amazing but she is pissed along with Trixie and Jhonno. The ensuite is loved.

Jarrod and Madi teams love the colour but Matts confused because the bedhead is different. Everyone loves the tiles and they deserved it.

It’s kitchen week this week and everyone is sleeping in this week they are designing a kitchen pantry and bar where bathroom used to be so it’s time to demolish but George’s builders haven’t arrived. The twins are turning their bar into a study.

All the teams must make the beams fireproof but before can occur they must demolish a brick wall that will become the living and dining room. Jarrod is paying a tradie to do it for him while matt is doing it solo,

Jhonno is hangover and is trying to get someone to demolish for him he does and Trixie is even on rubbish duty. The twins are doing it themselves. The teams are doing such a good job that they have broken the rubbish chute. So they have to cart it to the bin themselves. This is not good news as Bec and George haven’t started. All teams are now demolishing their wall and due to the amount of time that takes Madi is doing all her shopping online. On level 3 Keith is worried that Bec and George are rushing the demolition and Bec toe next minute there’s a huge bang. A section of brickwork just fell over and everyone is concerned and Keith isn’t happy

Matt and Kim are ok and the demolishing continues as tools are put down for the day everyone is exhausted. Matt is continuing to demolish at 10pm


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