The Voice Blind Auditions night 7 Recap

The Voice Blind Auditions night 7 Recap

We’ve seen some incredible performances, but as those teams fill up, the bar is continually raised. Who will make the cut and who’s team will they join?

Hannah Darling is first tonight. Tonight, she will be singing Ghosts. No one turns at first. Come on, guys. This girl is awesome! Seal and Joel get in right at the end. She’s in! In the end, she goes with Joel.

Ben Goldstein from Bondi is next. He will be singing Bedouin Strong. Delta is very quick to turn around. Seal is next to swivel. He now gets to pick between the two. He goes for Delta.

Next are Frankston girls Rebekah Strongman and Jackie Sannia. They don’t actually know each other. Rebekah will be singing first tonight. She’ll be singing Next To Me. Unfortunately; she is not successful in finding a coach.

Now, it’s time for Jackie Sannia. She’s singing People Help The People and Seal turns around straight away. Joel and Delta are next to turn at the same time. Ricky didn’t turn. Aww. Oh well, she’s got three to choose from and she chooses… Delta!

Our second duo for the season is Emma and Sarah Linnegar- identical twins! They’re singing Runaway. They don’t get a chair to turn.

Next up is Mitchell Anderson. He’s singing Sexual Healing. He impresses only Seal, but that’s enough. He’s through.

Next up is Shawne Kirke. What’s with all the ‘e’s’?! We’ll see him later. First, we’ll meet Katie Carr, from Sydney. Who You are is her song of choice. Ricky pushes first. He’s the only one to push, putting Katie on his team!

Next is Luke Mansini, an artist who hasn’t studied music. He’ll be singing Hometown Glory. Seal and Delta turn at the last minute. He goes with Delta after Seal hardly puts up a fight.

It’s now time for Shawne Kirk, Shawn has a touching story at the age of 12 Shawne’s life took a dramatic turn. He had always struggled with asthma, but it was a severe attack that saw him rushed to hospital, leaving him in ICU he found solace through music. He will be  singing You Give Me Something. He gets Joel and Seal to turn at the very end, and in the end, Shawne goes with Seal!

Thaat’s it, 11 spots to fill and they’ll be filled next week!


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