The Biggest Loser episode 15 Recap Challenge time

The Biggest Loser episode 15 Recap Challenge time

Temptation was pretty controversial yesterday and I have a feeling someone will be paying today!

Amber took temptation yesterday. In today’s training session, Michelle has the kids, and she’s determined to wipe the calories off Amber and Todd, who also took temptation. Amber won yesterday, but that doesn’t mean she’s getting away from it.

Shannan has the parents. They debrief on the way temptation worked and whether anyone was tempted. No one was. The kids however confess to Michelle. Again, Katie admits to Michelle she is pissed off at Amber. I have a feeling that if Katie is expecting any pay back, she will get it through Michelle’s training of Amber today!

Amber is getting tired, but Michelle is NOT giving her any leeway. Even Todd is slowing down. Meanwhile, Shannan knows the records the kids set on all the equipment in the gym yesterday and now he wants the parents to break them! Robyn quickly smashes the treadmill!

Amber is now complaining that she needs to throw up. Mark thinks she is being slack because she is guilty. Amber lashes back that she is not guilty. Michelle also gets the people who are angry at the people who took temptation to use that anger as motivation.

Meanwhile, the parents are kicking butt!

Katie admits to Michelle she is angry because she’s scared of going home. She has so much more to lose. After a talk, she is happy she smiled today.

It’s now time for the challenge!

They all head to a very rough beach. They’re all panicking. Today, the teams will face off in one more epic challenge before weigh in. It will come down to strength, stamina and speed. There are two surfboats in front of them and they are told they will be rowing them themselves.

Luckily, they won’t be rowing in the rough seas. Instead, they will have to row 2km on the calm side of the bay. Only four members of the teams will be doing this. They will then have to drag their boat 300m up the beach and back using one inflatable roller. The first team over the line will win a luxury low-calorie fine dining experience complete with a view of the losing team undergoing a training session devised by all three trainers.

Mandy and Cher will not be completing as Cher has a medical condition ruling her out and Mandy has opted out to even numbers.

The parents begin the challenge well in front as the kids struggle to get form. Soon though, each team faces issues and the kids get in front. The kids are first to the beach, but the parents aren’t too far behind.

The teams are neck and neck when they begin pulling the boat across the sand. The parents have a brilliant way of doing this challenge by keeping momentum of their boat. The parents decide to have a break, which is a bit of a taunt for the kids. The kids don’t have a break and decide to keep momentum at the half way point.

The kids manage to maintain momentum while the parents lose theirs. The parents vow to not give their kids the satisfaction after the temptation performance. In the end, the parents win. The kids show resilience by finishing the challenge despite losing it.

It’s now time for the parents to have their dinner and the kids to have their training session. As a special treat, parents can chime in with their own training requests for the kids at any time. Mark suffered a knee injury in the challenge and won’t participate.

Straight away the kids are made to crawl through the mud. It all seems to be a great experience. Half way through, Commando brings the ‘Old Commando’ back, and it’s a true side to him we haven’t seen for a while.

So that’s it for this week! But how will they all go in weigh in? We’ll find out Sunday!


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