Michael Paynter and why he is a huge influence on me

Michael Paynter and why he is a huge influence on me

I would not usually do these types of posts but sometimes things need to be published for personal reasons.

I first heard Michael Paynter in early 2005 when his track Closer was used in promotions for Channel 7’s Prison Break in . A few years later, Lost was ending. His song Are you Alive was used in the finale promos. At the time I didn’t think anything of it. Fast forward another 6 months or so and I got a very out of the blue request from someone who would enter my life as a very close personal friend who has seen the joy and stressful times over the last 18 months. That person is Courtney. Now, in a previous post I explained how we met. It was while talking to her that I realised I wasn’t happy studying business administration but kept going through it. Now, in my spare time, I was watching Lost and kept thinking back to that promo song. Searching it out on Youtube, the lyrics resonated with me especially.

This it’s not fair

it’s not always right

you can waste away

in a safer place

you’ll get by

you’ll survive

but are you alive?

Are you really alive? The answer to that was no. I was a stressed out person that seriously was not me. It was like I had been possessed by a monster. Anyhow, it was then I stumbled across the song Love the Fall. To say the song resonated with me is an understatement.

After many chats with Courtney I realised I needed to take the risk and follow my true passion.

At least I’ll know

I walked the dark

I took the scars

I risked it all

And learned to love the fall and I totally do.

So thank you Michael Paynter. You helped me become the guy I always dreamed of being and a huge thanks to Courtney as well.


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